Kitten playing with Yarn

September 27, 2008

Kitten playing with Yarn

Kittens love playing with yarn, they get tangeled in it and it keeps them occupied

A picture of a ginger kitten playing with Yarn

A picture of a gray and white kitten playing with yarn

A picture of a Black kitten and yarn – red color

 Baby kittens love to play with any thing that moves, a ball of yarn rolling can be very fun for them

Kittens are young domesticated cats. Kitten are considered by many people to be very cute and fun.

Kittens love to play and fool around. Kittens love playing with Yarn. kittens love playing with balls.

Kittens also love to play with Kitten toys or cat toys.

Kitten playing with Yarn

Kitten playing with Yarn


cat playing with yarn

September 26, 2008

yarn and cat

cat playing with yarn

Cats love playing with yarn

Yarn – a long continuous length of interlocked threads.

A cat playing with yarn is very cute

When a cat playing with Yarn get their cat nails Tangled with the yarn, it is funny.

Cat food and Yarn do not go together

Kittens play with Yarn alot

sometimes kittens play with red yarn

A yarn for cats is like a ball for a dogs

Cats and Yarn = Fun

It is very fun for a cat playing with Yarn to get tangled in it 

Cats are fun

Fun cats

Cat + Yarn is very fun

Cat food for cats is healthy food

cat playing with Yarn picture

September 25, 2008
ginger persian cat

ginger persian cat

Persian Ginger Kitten – in the above picture is very cute.

This Ginger Persian Kitten is 6 months old.

The Ginger Persian cat in the picture loves Cat food.

The Persian cat prefers Dry cat food.

cat food for the Soul

September 25, 2008

Cat food for the Soul is a blog about cats, the Animal, not the musical …

Cat food that you buy in a shop comes in dry form ( kibble ), or wet form, usually in a can.

Dry cat food  is cheaper and easier to use. Dry cat food can also be left out for the cat, so the cat can eat when ever he wants.

Wet  cat food spoils after a few hours from opening the can.

Some of the Cat owners prefer to feed their cats with homemade food mostly meat (chicken, beef, pork), mashed vegetables, and multivitamin Dietary supplements.

Cat Food for the Soul

September 25, 2008

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